9 Best Trips for Valentine’s Day in Thailand

Every Valentine’s Day you would want to take your lover to go somewhere romantic, or just want to do something exciting just to spend your valuable time together. If you are planning to celebrate your Valentine’s Day in Thailand, this is the list of 9 destinations in Thailand that we approved to be suitable for your Valentine’s Day.

1. Koh Tao & Koh Nang Yuan Snorkeling

If you and your soulmate love the scenic view of islands, white sand, glittering blue sea. Why not visit Koh Tao & Koh Nang Yuan. You can go for a walk, holding hands on a white-sand beach, Climbing to see beautiful viewpoint together or cool down the heat by snorkeling at a beautiful “Japanese Garden” spot. If that sounds good already, you can book a One-day trip to Koh Tao & Koh Nang Yuan with us here. We also have delicious buffet lunch for you!

2. Cruising to Phi Phi island.

Imagine diving alongside your loved one among the beautiful coral reefs and little colorful fishes. Phi Phi island can offer such fantasy! There are many cruise ships available to be your transport from Phuket to Phi Phi island. If you don’t feel like diving, you can simply take your lover to enjoy the beach together, because there are so many tourist attractions around Phi Phi island. Such as Bida Island, Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Bay & Viking Cave which you can sightseeing the crystal clear water everywhere. Interested? book a daily cruise tour with us and enjoy your wonderful Valentine’s Day in a cruise trip.

3. Chilling Out on a Hot-air Balloon

Let’s head to the northern part of Thailand. Chiang Mai is the province that full of beautiful natures and scenic view of mountains. And if you wondering how would it feel like to gazing down to the ground from the bird’s eyes view, Tethering Balloon Thailand can actually make that happen! Standing side by side with your special person, ballooning at a height of 30-50 meters, see the panoramic view of Chiang Mai city and the mountains. That would be a wonderful evening of your Valentine’s Day.

4. Elephant Care in Mae Wang, Chiang Mai 

You can also celebrate a day of love by giving love to some elephants! There are many ethical elephant sanctuaries in Chiang Mai. Instead of taking your lover to ride on the back of elephants, both of you will be learning about their lifestyle and behaviors, taking care of them, feed them, bathe them in the river and play with them. The guide will walk you through the sanctuary and you can hear the story of each individual elephants. There are also a small jungle trekking too. You can book a trip by clicking here. The activity will be half day and full day to suit best with your time.

5. Stand Up Paddling on PING river

If you are in the middle of Chiang Mai city and just have a few hours of spare time, you can do the stand up paddling on Ping river. As you paddling slowly along the Ping river, you will see Chiang Mai’s first church, riverside homes and restaurants, people fishing along the riverbanks, temples, traditional architecture, and numerous little cruise boats. You’ll even get to feed some of the catfish at Wat Chiamongkol and grab a drink on the river, all on the back of a stand up paddle board! you can click here to book the paddling trip. If you want to enjoy activities like this, there’s more at tripzii.co.

6. Try the Flight Experience together

You two will take the controls of a commercial jet airliner. Experience what it feels like to be an airline pilot and land over 60 tonnes of aircraft on the tarmac. The instructor will brief you on the basic controls and help you through two take-offs and two landings at an airport of your choice. This will be the experience that you and your lover will never forget, and could be a family fun too! You can book the place to feel the Flight Experience here.

7. Making Merit at Temples around Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the province with the greatest number of Buddhist temples in Thailand. In Thai custom, making a merit with the one you love will grant you luck and happiness. If you have a free day in Chiang Mai, why don’t you come making a merit with us. Our program introduces you to 10 top temples in the city of Chiang Mai that are regarded as very auspicious to someone’s life. Click here to book or visit tripzii.co to learn more.

8. Excites you lover with Dragon Fight Zipline

An adrenaline rushing activity like zipline can also be your Valentine’s Day destination too. Walk on the sky bridge with panoramic view. Take on new challenges with your lover. There are over 50 platforms for you and your sweetheart to enjoy all day long. For more information and booking, you can click here.

9. ATV and White water rafting

If you loves exciting activities, this one is a must too! White water rafting at Maetang river offer you an adrenaline rush experience on a fast flowing river. With the distance 10 km. of rafting in Maetang will give you the thrill as you raft through tumultuous rapids and narrow points. Then take an ATV driving 30 minutes through an off-road course. If you are adventurous couple and want to try it out, book the trip here.

Every activities which presented on the list above has a special price on Valentine’s Day period from now until 29th FEB 2020. Make sure that you didn’t miss our special deal!

However, you might be interested in other activities that are not included in the list. You can visit Tripzii.co to explore more exciting activities and trips around Thailand.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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