Anna Farm and Eatery

Anna Farm and Eatery is located on some of the most spectacular property in Thailand, with an organic farm, hotel, and restaurant combination. It’s open from 10am-8pm and is rarely busy, so it’d be unsurprising to have the entire place to yourself.

You can dine on the second story, overlooking fields of rice paddies, a beautiful flower garden, and the wondrous forested mountains of Doi Suthep park. An array of Thai dishes and desserts are offered at moderate prices. There aren’t many vegetarian options, but tofu can easily be substituted for meat protein.

With a menu sourced from their own garden, it’s no wonder that the flavors of the dishes really can’t compare. Perfect for a little morning/afternoon outing, the Anna Farm and Eatery is an amazing place to de-stress and immerse in the spectacular environment that surrounds Chiang Mai.

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