Car Rental Travel in Chiang Mai, 24 hours booking, No deposit required!

As we all know that Chiang Mai have many transportation services available. The airport bus and taxi can transports you from airport to the city. But, when you want to go outside the city, you may feel a little bit confused as there are so many transportation services available, and you are not so sure that which one suits you best.

So, let us introduce you our car rental travel services. What are benefits of renting and driving a car on your own at

10 Benefits of Renting a Car at

  1. You can rent a car from everywhere in Chiang Mai city. We have a delivery service, so you can book from your moblie phone at the website , pick a car of your choice. Plus, you can easily update your booking information through the online booking system.
  2. We’ve got various brand and type of cars for you to pick. From a small ECO-car to seven seats SUV.
  3. No deposit for up to 1800cc car, just pay the price of your rental. Suitable for small city like Chiang Mai. It’s much easier to find a parking area, and they don’t consume too much fuel.
  4. Free car delivery services.
    7:00 am – 22:00 pm at Chiang Mai International Airport, Train Staion and Arcade Bus Station.
    8:30 am – 21:30 pm at Chiang Mai City (within the range of Inner Ring Road)
  5. Easy paying method, no credit card required. Internet Banking is accepted.
  6. Many ways to get in touch with us 24 hours!
    Web :
    Facebook :
    Line :
    Tel : 064-961-5978
    E-mail : [email protected]
  7. If you still cannot decide where to go, we have a professional team which can guide you through every route of your destination, and also available for foreigner!
  8. 10% discount, when booking with a trip from
  9. Insurance included, so you can drive happily without worrying.
  10. Every single car is newly washed.

[Note : A driver license is required to rent a car.]

Car Renting is a popular way among the tourist, because of the convenience and the decent price to the renter. Kinteaw Rent a Car also have a partnership with, so the special deal for renting a car from Kinteaw Rent a Car, you will get 10% discount from booking a trip at

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