Northern Thai Language

Northern Thai language or “Kam Muang” is the main ethnic spoken of Chiang Mai. Actually, each of northern Thai languages is different to each other by vocabulary, accent, tone, and speed. It is difficult to find out but be interesting, isn’t it? We call our language as a “Kam Muang” and people as a “Kon Muang” (north people).

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Learn Thai Language

Many foreigners and tourists who visit Thailand would like to study Thai language. As a matter of fact, Thai language is not too difficult in speaking, but writing. Many institutes open the Thai learning centre schools here. We suggest you some examples of institutes as following: Chiang Mai University Language Institute, YMCA, AUA, etc.

Teaching English?

If you are one foreigner who would like to teaching English to Thai people. Thailand and Chiang Mai city can be one of your choice. Many people have worked here by teaching in the school or university. Some of them own the language schools and hire teachers in each country. Chiang Mai also has many schools and nowadays  they are very credible to study English or any languages from the native speakers. These are the examples of schools and universities, as following; Chiang Mai University, Payap University, Rajabhat Chiang Mai University, Maejo University, Far Eastern University, North Chiang Mai University, American Pacific International SchoolNakorn Payap International School, Chiang Mai International School, Prem Tinsulanonda Center for International Education, and more.

Here is a video teaching some useful Thai and northern Thai language.

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