San Kamphaeng Saturday Walking Street

Another walking street in Chiang Mai for those who loves handcrafted gifts!

So many people loves walking street because there are various types of product to buy. Some people didn’t come to buy anything in the first place, but in the end they will bought something back home. Many famous walking street are well-known location of tourists, but here is another walking street in Chiang Mai which many tourists might not know about yet.

Here is San Kamphaeng Saturday walking street.

San Kamphaeng walking street is full of friendly people, but there is not much foreign tourist because the walking street itself is far from the city. It took about 35 minutes drive from Chiang Mai city.

The walking street have many interesting products. Most of the foods in this walking street are local food and some basic street food which are tasty, but the price is reasonable.

There is a lot of agricultural products and handcrafted products too. There are wood crafting products, ceramics, locally crafted clothes, silk and more to discover!

San Kamphaeng walking street have so many handcrafted product because San Kamphaeng district is a region of many famous handcrafted products such as paper umbrella, saa paper, silk, crafted wood, silver products, ceramics, etc.

Many tourist might not know this walking street, but this walking street is a good place to start your Saturday night. With the product that unique and have the characteristic of their own. It’s a great opportunity to find something that might interest you.

And if you interested in creating handcrafted products by yourself, you can visit to discover many activities about handcrafting and creating skills.

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