Songkran Festival in Chiang Mai

Every year, 13th April is Thai New Year’s national holiday, also know as Songkran day. Most of Thai people will celebrate by pour water at the hands of their elders, make a merit and play water with other person.

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Chiangmai is top 5 destination for foreign tourists to experience the Songkran festival of Thailand!

The location where people loves to play water the most is the road around Chiangmai Moat, especially Tha Pae Gate.

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The common tools that most people use for playing water are water guns, but some people put big water barrel at the back of the truck and then use water bowl to splash the water around. Alcoholic drinks are also prohibited in Tha Pae gate area, so there won’t be any drunk and fighting problems.

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Most of the people here always smile when they splash water at each other. It’s like we speak the same language, even if we are from the different part of the world.

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And the main activity that tourist and Chiangmai people are waiting in 13th April is the parade. The parade starts from the train station and walk through Charoen Mueang road to Wat Phra Singh.

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The parade will include the team from many temples and Universities in Chiangmai. People will sprinkle water onto a Buddha Statue in the parade, and also the people in the parade, to make a wish in new year occasion.

The parade also includes some local dances and the tradition of northern Thailand, which attract tourist attention.

After the sun goes down, people will get back home and stop splashing waters. Some tourist might still wants to enjoy water splash events, so there’s many events at night that still let people splash and shoot water at each other continuously such as concert and foam party.

Songkran is a very important day of Thai people because it’s like the new beginning of the year, and Chiang Mai is the place where traditions and modern lifestyle match perfectly. If you want to see traditional Songkran day, Chiang Mai is not the place to miss.

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