The Nature Trail to Doi Pui.

For a couple years, the trending of healthy tourism has been raised up because of younger generation tends to care more about their health. The healthy tourism can be cycling in the track, kayaking, rock climbing, snorkeling or even running.

Trekking is also a health tourism. So, this article will be all about trekking in the natural trail to Doi Pui.

This natural trail is not far from Chiang Mai city. Along the way you can see the local plantations, viewpoints, the waterfalls and wild floral. So let’s grab your favorite hiking shoes and start walking!

What to prepare for your first trekking

– Portable food that provide high energy. We recommend solar dried banana because it contain high carb which gives a lot of energy, but comes with portable size.

– Small first aid kit. 

– We recommend to go trekking with friends, don’t do this alone. Just in case something bad happen.

– Charge your phone.

– Trekking pole or some strong wooden stick.

– Money to buy food.

– Prepare yourself, physically and mentally. There is no car route to take you back.

– Shoes that suitable for trekking.

You will be start from Nong Hoa Buddhadhamma Center, and walk all the way up to Khun Chang Kien Mhong Village.

The first two kilometers you will see a small Stream and a waterfall. This could be a spot to rest.

For the next 4 kilometers, the path slope will be higher and the walkway will started to look like a stair. Then you will reach the local plantation areas that contains lychee and coffee. The path here will become much easier to walk.

As the trees are denser, the whether gets colder.

The hardest part will be at the eighth kilometer. Because you have walked for 7 kilometers, but you are getting closer to your destination.

When you arrive at Mhong village, there are many store and local restaurant for you to rest, restock and eat something.

The best part is that Khun Chang Kien Mhong village has a coffee shop that you could taste a coffee that used to win the 1st place and only available here. Continue reading here.

Many villagers process their coffee at home.

After resting for a while, we take a walk to see a famous Cherry Blossoms of Khun Chang Kien before trekking down to the beginning of the trail.

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